About Us

Keep going up for your part in life!

Me and Script

Our Team

We will achieve our mission through events, workshops, plays and many more. We aim to bring the human community together creatively!

My Story

When I created the Batchelor of Arts Theatre my goal was to uplift and give exposure to talented actors, dancers, artists and those that work their magic behind the scenes. I wanted people to regularly visit our website and read about the latest talent and simply be inspired. But I also live in the real world just like you, and life isn’t always about high kicks and bright lights. So I created Audition for Life (ADFL)


Audition for Life came about when I watched my dear friend Elaine Delaney suffer from Cancer. Elaine was a wonderful person, she was always available to be my front of house usher whenever I would put on a theatre production, or be my receptionist when I held auditions for shows- I would always say to her “E, what was that actress like before she came into the room?” she would sometimes reply “She was a bit of a snob actually” Note to Actors: Be polite to whomever you meet at an audition, because you have no idea what influence they may have over you? 


2018 is our launch year for Audition for Life and we’ve started off fit & healthy like many new year resolutions by organising a 5K Fun Run/Walk in Hackney and then ending with celebrations at the Hackney Empire 2 studio space. And each year we will build upon our mission with more exciting events that will bring awareness to other worthwhile causes.